GHGEOCHEM LTD is a privately owned independent analytical laboratory specialising in petroleum geochemistry. The bulk of our work involves the routine geochemical evaluation of oils, single wells as well as multi well studies but we also provide a routine analytical service for other laboratories and consultants. The bulk of the analyses performed at GHG are performed in-house. Vitrinite and spore colour analyses are sub-contracted to one of three UK specialists (the clients preferences are taken into consideration before assigning a specialist to perform these analyses). The Crewe laboratory is our specialised Stable Isotope laboratory dealing with the carbon and deuterium analysis of oils and gases. This laboratory is also equipped with gas chromatography and a sample preparation lab. Our facilities in Liverpool University include specialised GC -MS and LC-MS as well as Gas Chromatography, MSV pyrolysis-GC, laser probe isotope mass spectrometry, XRD, TOC, RE pyrolysis and a Wet laboratory. GHGeochem can provide the following services:
  • A complete and comprehensive geochemical service, which includes sample tracking, sample preparation, analysis, interpretation and reporting.
  • Interpretation and project review, planning
  • Modelling (this work is out sourced)
  • Specialised analytical service (isotope studies, GC-MS/MS etc.)
  • Reservoir Oil Fingerprinting (continuity studies)
  • Surface Geochemistry
  • Baseline studies
  • Training

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